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Confira a Letra Beyond Alive

Death Grips

Beyond Alive

Canopy of corpse tree, branches loom above me
Vacuum of crushing, doom lies before me
My future dies behind me, my entry aborts me
I lean back and drill me, like on me I'm feeding
I'm starving, I hardly ever feel like being

Frightened people, you know who you are
Cowards, we know what you are
Play your fucking part, I'll bleed my fucking heart dry
Cause I feel so alive, beyond alive
I'm beyond alive

Fuck I have's, all I need
Fuck I can's, all I bleed
Fuck I am, ever will be
I rise, I fall, I roll again
I have no age, I don't pretend I'm here
My absence stains me sketch gets weird
I thrive on empty

Can't predict me with them petty such a pity
My peak keeps rising they keep sinking
Into lakes they're crying I keep spitting
Wish I could see them dying, but my peaks too fucking misty
Tilt your lump, till back of your brains
Tween your weak slumped shoulder blades
Still can't scope peak I pave into oneway street to space
Grovel in gravel at my base, while saddle control you seek
This world of cattle at my feet, born to get put back to sleep
At my feet, born to get put back to sleep

I roll like I don't know no better
I roll like bitch you know better
You have my utmost disrespect
I'm high as fucked up get

I crash on bed of nails in my frail suit of scabs I relax
While having seizures in my shack
I take no breather, I took the pact
I grind this stone into my path
I wait for you in this disguise
Remorselessly beyond alive
Beyond alive
My life as a face without eyes
Look away, look away, look away, look away
No reply I'm beyond alive