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Confira a Letra Guillotine

Death Grips


It goes, it goes, it goes, it goes
Guillotine, yah

Sit in the dark and ponder how
I'm fit to make the bottom fall through the floor
And they all fall down, yah (It goes, it goes, it goes, it goes, yah)
Out of the shadows barrage of witch tongue
Cobra spit over apocalyptic cult killer cauldron smoke
Stomp music seriously, yah (It goes, it goes, it goes, it goes)
Can't stop the groove licks jaws clear off them locks relentless raw movement
Fit to knock you from here to that g-spot body rock connected
To everything you want, ever did want, we got it why not come get it
Stick your head in that hole and watch me drop this cold guillotine death sentence, yah, yah

Hidden art, between and beneath, every fragmented, figure of speech
Tongue in reverse, whenever the beat, causes my jaws to call out, yah
The screens flashing red, can't see shit but heads
Spinning exorcist like planets out of orbit off the edge
Off mine axis whipping through doors to far more than all that’s ever been said, yah
Tie the chord kick the chair and you're dead, yah

Head of a trick in a bucket, body of a trick in a bag
And thrown in the fire like fuck it, gotta burn it before it goes bad
One too many times been disgusted by the stench of rot is such a drag, yah
Get broke by the street like blood stained glass, yah
Choke on these nuts 'til the very last, yah (It goes, it goes, it goes, it goes)
Serial number, killing machine, the illest of means
To an end built on the filthy sound, you're experiencing, yah

Tinted windows, bulletproof, the slip knot fixing rope to noose
To the grave stone grinder of cold steel, the passion that blinds me so I feel, yah
Can't let go, no it flows through our veins
Blows through our tunnels and rattles our chains and they all fall down, yah