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Confira a Letra I've Seen Footage

Death Grips

I've Seen Footage

What's that?
Can't tell
Hand held dream
Shot in hell
Deep space ghetto (streets)
Show me somethin
I ain't seen before
Mystery hind that
Death door
Juke step electrocute the floor
Whats the science on
Flyin that high
Got a no-no goin, one time

Creeps up behind me
Over my shoulder
Turn around try to see
But its nowhere
Noided, noided
Static on my blindside

I seen footage, I stay noided.. I seen

Everybody's knowin
Where ya think you're goin ain't goin nowhere
Satelite, handle that
Wit a lead pipe

Who captures life
Who takes whats left who stay
On that next, already know my gillicutti, like I told you
Dont touch me
Whats up wit it
I stay noided, stimulation overload account for it
Desensitized by the mass amounts of shit

I've seen it, I've been it
Can't delete it feels like jail (noided) full moon in da klink shinin dont sleep
Surveillance post my bail

I seen footage, I stay noided... I seen

Armored cop open fire glock
On some kid who stepped so
Fast was hard ta grasp
What even happened til you seen dat head blow
Off his shoulders in slow mo
Rewind that, is so cold
Rewind that, is so cold
I seen footage.. I stay noided

Juke step wit so much boy rude looseness seem like
No bones in him skin
(Noided) my jaw hit da floor like this real for I gotta see that one mo gin

Ambulance hit and run over pedestrian in Brazil
Little tiger, boy soldier
Twist a cap back and kills (noided)

Seen crazy shit man crazy shit

I seen footage, I stay noided... I seen

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