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Confira a Letra In Silent Descent

Decayed Divinity

In Silent Descent

The bleakness and the loneliness
Fading light on a winter shore
Water blanketted in a misty fog
Like a dream without clarity

I'm all alone in a world of woe
My soul rises and falls with the tide
I'd like to fly but my wings have been clipped
I lay in the sands of my denial

These windswept paths that go forever on
To lavish the warmth again
Dreaming in silent suffering
A bleeding heart... Sorrow reigns

Deep within my being, coaxing of a bud to grow
The essence of my soul still flickering, it's just my flesh that will go
Bury me softly without a word, I give my thoughts unto you
Sand rains down and here I lay, just a memory concealed by the earth