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Confira a Letra These Thorns That Tear

Decayed Divinity

These Thorns That Tear

I walk amongst the gardens of sympathy
Where even flowers die from my touch
All my hopes and dreams lay dead
Beyond the grasp of the real me

The pain of living is deeper than any joy
Death precludes any hope of a tomorrow
The certainty of forever is almost like always
Memories will be pleasant when I die

Cast adrift, separated from what I loathe
Amongst these vast oceans alone
My tear-streaked face embraced by my frigid hands
I unwillingly return my gaze to my reflection
I stare at myself searching for what I know is not there
I feel helpless, lost in desolution - help me

The rain that falls are the tears from my eyes
I bleed, I scream from the thorns ripping me apart
I'm choking, I'm nothing, grief suffocates my soul