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Confira a Letra ...Shall Ascend / Goddess Of The Ancient


...Shall Ascend / Goddess Of The Ancient

Shall Ascend

The dead shall rise and outnumber the living… The dead shall rise and smell the incense…

Goddess Of The Ancient

Tiamat, queen of the Ancient Ones. Goddess serpent of our homeland. Lead the seven demons of the flame and sword. Seek the gates to enter in Earth. Thee I call forth… Beneath the abyssic seas of Absu. Cthulhu sleeps in a watery place. Watching with azealed eyes of death. Cast your old vengeance to destroy. The spirit of the Earth and Sky… Thee I summon! Thee I worship! Thee I invoke! Goddess… Thee I call high in the mountains. Lord of spells and the knowledge. Worshipped since time before time. Remember thy war with the Elder Gods. No biding upon Anu… Riding the four burning winds. Breathe the incense of the evil hordes. Touch the stars on top of temples. The world ours as one. Ia Cthulhu!... Thee I summon! Thee I worship! Thee I invoke!