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Confira a Letra Cthol Mishrak (Of Endless Night)


Cthol Mishrak (Of Endless Night)

Behold, with the demise of a star, what once was one now becomes two…
In the far northeast coast near Karand's land. A darkened kingdom by the name of Mallorea. Dwelling of unholy grolims, sacrificial priests. Summoners of Death, the bringers of Damnation.
Upon an iron tower rules the almighty Torak. Possessor of the Orb, defaced Dragon-God. On the city of endless night waiting the Event. Unmerciful conqueror, the hate burns endlessly.
Within the city walls of Cthol Mishrak. Where the sun never touches the ground. Human blood still pleases the god. Within the ancient temples of Cthol Mishrak.
Contriving beneath the forever lasting clouds. Remembering the five millennia war of Gods. Fire spurt from below, the World rent in chaos. Through the power of the Orb, Evil was unleashed.
Within the city walls of Cthol Mishrak. Awaiting the birth of the Child Of Light. Within the city walls of Cthol Mishrak. The Dragon-God awaits the confrontation. Within the ancient temples of Cthol Mishrak. Forces of Damnation wait the utter Darkness.