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Confira a Letra The Invocation


The Invocation

Intro: Bodies standing still in eagerness. Unholy minds heading into netherness. High Priest lights the sacred fire. And as the flames burn higher…
The invocation begins…
Almighty Lord of Hell hear our call. You who in the infernal fires stand tall…
Cast down from the accursed reign. To dwell forever in the glorious domain…
Where the souls of those who die proudly. Roam with Sin and Indulgence defiantly…
Listen to our words oh Lord of Hell. Rise on this night from the place you fell…
Follow our flames that burn so bright. Spread your wings on forbidden flight…
Join your worshippers for the feast. For we are the ones who fear not the Beast…
Outro: We now end this unholy invocation. With a feast we continue the celebration. To us are the hours in the dead of night. Because in the dark there is no Holy light…