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Confira a Letra Descent... / Onslaught the Holy Flock


Descent... / Onslaught the Holy Flock


This is the Black Metal Flame. These are the Seven Gates to Hell…
Take heed!

(Music by JA. Composed on the Eighth month of the year Two Thousand and Seven… Female vocals by: Ana Pereira.)

Onslaught the Holy Flock

The Tyrants on their way to the throne. Hordes of darkness blacken the Light. Ever glowing night upon the souls…

Bow to the Fire-God and kiss the purification flame. Listen to the agony cries of the Christian ones. Armageddon in their holy flesh without shame. Come, be a witness to this sacrifice and break their bones. King Satan will judge the One to blame…

Merchant of disillusion, traitor of truth. Elevated upon the rusty nailed bloody cross. Those who worship Him step forth. All gathered fear to watch His loss. Lurking Paradise fades into the black mouth…

Feasting legions of Hellish creatures. Lust unleashed upon the blood of Christ. Amongst the catacombs demon prayers. Moaning sorrows and praising the priest. Enter the altar and bring the virgins for the slayers…

Onslaught the Holy Flock!
Death to the called Righteous…