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Confira a Letra Burning The Priest


Burning The Priest

Blackest is the unholiest night
And we gather beneath the moonlight
Summon the old masters of sorcery
Call upon those who live in blasphemy
We shall bring upon our enemies woe
The blessed flock of the righteous foe

Burning the priest
Burning the fucking priest

We are the dwellers of the cursed dark
Chosen ones who possess the mark
Our ancient beliefs are unbroken
Tonight our ancestors shall be awoken
Again the shall walk beneath the moon
Together we shall play Pagan tune

Burning the priest
Burning the priest
Burning the priest
We will burn the fucking priest

Our souls are pledged to nether regions
Untainted by the unnatural religions
Warming naked bodies from within
We welcome the lustful winds of sin
The blazing flames reach for the skies
Exalting our revengeful death cries
Be proud and join the celebration
Cleansing flames on the congregation

Burning the priest
Burning the priest
Burning the priest
We shall burn the fucking priest!