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Confira a Letra Pentagram In Blood


Pentagram In Blood

A virgin to Lucifer
Is sacred tonight
Lied naked on the altar
The full moon high an bright
White cloaked disciples
Raise their daggers towards the sky
Let the Master take your soul
Close your eyes to die

We drink the purest blood
Unholy chants are heard
Draw the pentagram
As black candles burn
Children of Lucifer
Gathered for celebration
Complete the circle
In crimson congregation

Pentagram in blood!
Pentagram in blood!
Pentagram in blood!

High priestess holds the chalice
From which we feast
Drunken with such purity
Hail the Infernal Beast
Oh Fallen Angel
Lustful orgies twist our mind
Blood take us higher
To leave this world behind

Summoned the Bringer of Light
Blasphemous rites were done
All dance in ecstasy
Soon the dawn will come

A virgin died for Lucifer
From sacrificial blows
In the flames of the Ancient one
Blood of life still flows

Pentagram in blood!
Pentagram in blood!
Pentagram in blood!

Doolb ni margatnep…

So it is done
And the eye of knowledge gleams
The sign asserts its glory
Holding our Enochian keys
Awake and revel
Now thou what do wilt
As there is no god but man
Sigil thus revealed

Pentagram in blood!
Pentagram in blood!
Pentagram in blood!