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Confira a Letra Goodbye



Your love's the color of my heart
Like fire it burns me red
Can we finish what we started
She said
I don't think you can read the sign
The writing's on the wall
Can't you hear the wind it calls

So now I look away
You pull me back to stay
In you aching arms I love to hold you
I gotta see the sights
I gotta feel the lights
Good god I love to play
Baby break these chains

Is there no way to make you smile
Our bond has it come undone
You know with me your second to none
I must be free to see the world
And play the game so hard
Those memories of you I can't discard

And now with the night so cold
How every star it knows
That girls broken heart
It needs some mending
I had to pay the price
I had to roll the dice
I had to take a chance baby baby

Oh don't feel so bad your on my mind
As I take the stage tonight
The rain that falls the angels cry
Feel the pain of paradise
I know some guy will make you smile
Like I did so many times
Just turn away and dry your eyes
As you hear me say goodbye

Goodbye girl don't be afraid
Cuz a part of me is in you
Goodbye girl no I just can't stay
But I'll always love you
Goodbye girl
You know I'll miss your touch
But I was born to prove them wrong
Goodbye girl I'm so far away
Oh how it burns this lonely flame