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Confira a Letra Nezhnost (inglês)


Nezhnost (inglês)

She's sleeping, you see, asleep she fell
Until morning you cannot wake her
Night has curled her up
Helped closing her eyes
She will wake by herself when the sun will say so
When birds will start calling into the sky
Don't wake her, I'm asking you please
So that I won't have to kill you

So great that she doesn't know yet
How much blood has turned into water
How many souls rise each day to heavens
Living so little in their bodies
How many more tears will the blue sky drop
Taking moist from people's eyes
That strength holds on other's weakness
And the weak is torn like paper apart
I have to protect her
At least cover with my own weak body
So that the sticky hands of damn fear
Don't touch these sweet shoulders
Let her sleep some more
Let her dream of sea and wind
And please, let her forgive me
And I will steal her grief

I will die, tearing hearts apart
If we have to kill, than do it right

For every hurt inflicted to her
For every hair that falls off her head
I will rub salt into your wounds
Rip your stomach open with a curved knife
Let her sleep some more
Don't wake her, it's not worth it
The world might still surprise her
If love can open her eyes

I will die, tearing hearts apart
If we have to kill, than do it right