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Confira a Letra Story's End

Delicate News

Story's End

Silently a story's end of human race performed
Pathetic more than glorious the calm after the storm
Wind have carried from afar what you can't see or feel
Voices moaning in the trees announcing the unreal


Do all! That we can do
Try out! We follow you
Danger? It's so secure
Trust me! You can be sure

Feel the naked frost of dawn it's creeping up your back
(you've) lost your hair and lost your mind on waves of mental rack
Slowly perish never peace you're rotting from inside
Running nowhere no release there ain't no place to hide


Feel the silence of the night that's gonna be your last
What you've lost, much more than life the meaning of the past
Godly image, sapient your time is running out
Selfish creature, decadent say what's hell about?
[Chorus]... To die!