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Confira a Letra Sitting Alone Naked in my Room Watching Sealab 2021

Demise of All Reason

Sitting Alone Naked in my Room Watching Sealab 2021

My obsession grows every time I hear his voice
Capt. Murphy is a demi-god
Better than that, he's the Hercules to my Athens.
I can't believe Harry Goz died.
I make it a point to watch Sealab whenever I'm stoned.

I can't believe he's dead, Murphy was Sealab's head
How can a body survive when its brain has died?
Tornado Shanks ain't bad, but he's surely no Murphy
New episodes make me sad, because there's something missing.

Murphy's gone, it pains my heart,
But I keep watching it,
Alone in my room, naked.

Murphy is a god
Pure genius in Harry Goz
Murphy is godly
It strikes me between the knees.

I can't belive how obscene a show could be
God, I love it, it makes my eyes numb.
I refuse to blink when Capt Murphy's on the screen.

Hard to believe a nihilist could care so much
About a cartoon show you see on TV.
Better days have already gone by
I sit and watch as I slowly die inside.