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Confira a Letra Demon Class

Demonica (Dinamarca)

Demon Class

Darkness incarnate
I'm left to my fate
My mouth is filled
With metallic taste
Unholy Hell
I'm under the spell
Surrounded by evil
In a world of demons

Damn the reality
Where no one is safe
Where no one escapes
the mighty gate!
The unforsaken species
so much out of reach
A violent breed
Build on disease

Planet hell
Where the archangel fell
We are one black mass
Demon Class

Dark lords minions
I'm up against the horde
I walk bloodstained paths
From eternal war
Mass mutilation
Civilisations erazed
Never see the light of day
Entire world of hate

Demon Class
We are one black mass
Planet hell
Where the archangel fell
If you wanna see heaven
Let Jesus hear your call
Turn gravitation
And just fall.