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Confira a Letra The Traitor

Depths of Depravity

The Traitor

I take a bath in blood every night
In blood, this crurse of me is eternal
Hooks are tearing my soul to pieces
I beg for forgive in vain

Feeble human soul
Immortal. This i was
The supporter of evil creatures
Breaking forth from me. My past

My blood streams trough my veins
The neverending twine of times
Until the immortal god can see me
I betrayed his son

Colossal demons are gnawing
My spreading tormented body
Tearing my limbs they scream
To my face: This is the grace!

It’s spinning in blood my teared reconering
Body. Madness angelic screams
Is heard in my soul. Whispering raving
Voice: You betrayer!