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Confira a Letra When The Lights Go Out

Derek Webb

When The Lights Go Out

i see her in that dress right before i knew her name
she's slowly walking to me right before our lives would change
maybe i've gone crazy, maybe i'm still in love
each night i change what happened, i change how it was
i change how it was, i change

when the lights go out
i can hear the sound
of your heartbeat slow
and the memories glow
when the lights go out

that summer is my life line
it's the only thing that's real
i'm frozen in this subway, just a cog in the wheel
life is for the living and love is for the strong
i don't know how i got here, but i know where he belongs
i know where he belongs, i know


in the middle of this circus your the thing that gets me through
so i dive between the surface and close my eyes and see you