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Confira a Letra My Finest Misfortune

Derek Webb

My Finest Misfortune

to the one who's broken, the one who's lost, and waiting for some comfort
wisdom speaks in the darkest parts, but few can understand it
she gives and she takes it away
the sun and the moon, the sky and the rain
her love is just the same

so many questions, so much undone, i am my finest misfortune
who i am and where i was, like a string of weary ambition
but she paints all the rooms with her name
truth or deceit, criminals and saints
her love is just the same


i cannot sleep, i have a weary head and I'm circling the rafters
above the day, my dreams and debts
oh, i am tumbling after
the wheels spin around in the sand
for better or worse, ruin or fame
her love is just the same