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Confira a Letra After Rain

Dermot Kennedy

After Rain

I call arrows to fall short
Because the snow is at our feet
When embraces subside, and the lilies have died
It comes down to her tears on a sheet

But it's alright because
You cause lanterns to light
And force demons disperse
And if Lucifer may fear the swift drying of tears
Then, for evil, you could not be worse

But I see you now, I see you
Release me now, kinda like dreams do
I see you now, was hard to see you

Just don't forget to sing
Remember everything

You're the only little girl I know who'd bring a kite in the snow
Said, "you just gonna hold it up?"
You said, "Nah, I'm gonna let it go"
When your heart hurts
Days like today are the antidote
If you think just maybe it's her
Then promise me, young man, you're gonna let her know

You won’t go lonely here
You won’t go lonely here
You won’t go lonely here
You won’t go lonely here

It'll all be better in the morning
'Cause while you sleep I'll build a wall
But pick a weapon up or something
We're 'bout to have ourselves a brawl

In dead of night, one window open
He heard her singing down the hall
Singing 'bout him, least he was hoping
She left her listener enthralled