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Confira a Letra Willie Lennox


Willie Lennox

It was early one morning Willie Lennox arose
And straight to his cousin's bed chamber he goes
Saying, "Arise, lovely cousin, and let no one know
'Tis a fine summer's morning, to the lakes let us go"

As Willie and his cousin when down the long lane
They met Sargent Henry and Colonel Ronayne
Said the Colonel, "Do not enter, do not venture in
For there's deep and false waters in Lough Inshollin"

But Willie, being stout-hearted, it's in he did go
He swam to an island which was his overthrow
He swam it twice over and was turning around
And in a few minutes Willie Lennox was drowned

Small boats, they were lowered, long lines were let down
And in a few minutes Willie Lennox was found
There was an old woman being there standing by
She ran to his mother and this she did cry
"Sad news I have for you which grieves my heart sore
For your own darling Willie, his name is no more"

And as for Willie's true love who mourns night and day
For the loss of her true love who lies cold in the clay
For both morning and evening he did her salute
With the pink and red roses and all garden fruit

All gathered together and stood in a ring
While the orange and purple around them did hang
They all whispered lowly and raised up their hands
Saying, "Boys, while you're living, beware of the Bann"