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Confira a Letra Foolish Vision?


Foolish Vision?

I shut myself in my agony I walk about my body
I look in to the brain there isee a door a rusty look
I´m in vain looking for the key files of used-up paper
Cluster of words thougt of black genius
Merciless foundings nailing my strength on someone
Cross someone else´s hands rearing up over my body
I don´t know what is it they want
I feel sorry for them don´t understand them don´t they know
I don´t feel pain i wish I could help them for their
Blindness positive lying chanses to negative
Am I an idol I know someday I´ll raise add go my way
And they will still be rearings up their hands
I don´t care about them they mean to me
A realization of my being as being
My idea should be protected but they don´t understand
It I accept their foolish vision I´ll become their idol
And somy ideas will be hypertemporal and one day
They´ll be perhads even understood
Now: I´ll be an idol I´m idol !!