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Confira a Letra Lamashtu




Malevolent goddess who abducts children while being breastfed
Entwining into serpents, she holds her victim
Those poor beings who perish in these claws
Voracious teeth attack your fetal prey
Bones and blood to feast this demon

Works of free will to chase and kill anyone
When they sleep, she haunts them into endless nightmares
She will spread the disease
Will contaminate every river and lake
Turning everything in her wickedness

Rot it arises
Dirty and fetid mud smells like cadaver
The poison that the beast spreads
In the mind of corrupted people

Dance and turns in a bloody moonlight
Bathes in blood and laughs
Filled containers of mortal remains
Lined up in her holy morgue

Cemetery is your own
This disgrace to fell on skin
Dimme collect carved skinless cadavers
To lay down on her knees
Vipers swallow the inert beings heads

Witches cry out and worship on their dark forests
Invoke to see snakes vomit heads and evils
In the grave she waits the invocation of the highest witchcraft
While the evil smell fills the air of this chaotic atmosphere

The fear and hatred she feels of the supreme deities
The same that have banished by her disrespect
And insults against their brethren
Will make she spreads all this cruelty
Face of madness