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Confira a Letra Progress



(conditions of thought are divided to rearrange
an incursion on all corridors of the mind resurrected through the faceless promises of manipulation life becomes the consequence) frame of thought divided to rearrange all corridors of the mind for resurrecting into the skies that cage the dead inside us process of hate conform to the artificial world of submissive life no frame inside to align sensory flow morals terrorized emotion all but remains wreckage of the sane a chaos written in flames a scorching waste we are the clones of disgrace mismatch and divide all the purity to pain manipulate advocate supression of self and mass belief eroded levels of thought why do the lies become the truth in (me) merge of dark existance new form of suffering this colourless silent world now forever (disfigured pattern of morality revel in the process of herded repression and feel the sterility of its concealed surrounding where we all are numb with the unfeeling hate) submissive life no frame inside to align sense of flow every moral terrorized cold emotion all but remains we are the clones of human disgrace the blood inside circulating thoughts of damage into our darkest senses all there ever was is shattered inside by an underlying theme our theories artificially bred to clone a race of lesser mind and body separated desecration immanent random fuse of self perception transcendance of beliefs (the human assembly purifies itself conforming reality to a new more synthetic nature living behind the blind eyes controlled and steered through the images of cold evolution vulnerable branches of the mind writhe and choke breaking to insignificant dust as close to god like ever felt in the mortal state recieve this world of paradox and revel in the process of herded repression where we all are numb with the unfeeling hate where we are the clones where humanity is disgrace)