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Confira a Letra Supremacy



Fundamental negatives align
all the hate supremacy compensating now immune to modify and fail distorted mental element deficiancy in reconstructing prime the moral mechanism system fails to function factors buried deep within myself fundamental negatives all unbalanced emotion intergration fails within me and i seldom feel sympathy reinforced dominant complex perpetual consistancy sensory deprived machine hate breeds to apathy compensates all error distortion of concieved beliefs persuaded desensatizion life without sympathy non dependant defectives are buried deep within me complex mental element deficiancy in reconstructing prime the moral mechanism immune to guilt silent thought the consequence of functional aggression inner system fails perception factors non dependant life is torn our theories uncertainty complex mental disorder primary mechanism seldom feel sympathy a system that fails to function conditioned in supression fundamental image of this passive progression an active sense of drive overt action within negatives i am now growing only hate within this mind taking all the harboured anger to the edge of this unbalanced life now through one gods eyes acute affective disorder now infecting all the others as they face their new found chronic lies complex nuerotic compliance the hate supremacy trait within me (sensativity is erased from the minds personality an environmental clash of ideals ending in complete silence barren thoughts soaked into a dimensional void once filled with the constance of confusion the supreme body emerges from within the formerly devastated cage an almost inhumane creation with no scale of emotion powered by hate and the memories of self desecration found before cold and empty only determined to rise over the weakness of existance