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Confira a Letra Orgasm in Blood


Orgasm in Blood

Roger wants an orgasm inblood in blood
Roger wants an orgasm inblood in blood
Roger wants an orgasm inblood in blood.

Roger has something gloomy and disturbing,
he boasted to have tortured cats in
Putting out their eyes or in crushing
their vertebral column , he is mentally deranged


His pulsions of violence continue to get worse
with the time after his wedding with samantha
as his wife is pregnant with her second girl
he doesn't hesitate to brutalize her
in order that she lose the baby despite of many kicks
samantha gave birth to a beautiful baby girl

a few months later Roger falls into
a mystic delirium , he is always talking
about the devil as he was possessed
about the devil as he was possessed
as his wife is not at home , he has
sexual relations with his 5 years girl
one night with his wife he used a wine bottle to fuck
he sodomized her but he is too brutal
she had the anus and the vagina completly torn