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Confira a Letra Antarctic Dream

Dexter Ward

Antarctic Dream

Icebergs, bright white mointains
In a frozen realm of stillness
Silent I wield the sceptre
And cast a spell of ancient might
Ruler of this antarctic dream, hear my calling
Lead me on to savage shores

Vast ruins of ageless kingdoms
They are waiting my arrival
I raise my axe and black shield
Mystic prophet from the stars
Ruler of this antarctiv dream, hear my calling
Lead me on to savage shores

Warriors of crom, bleeding with fury
Icons of violence and force
The sword of command will shine ´cross the land
Hyperboreans cry out
We are the children of blizzards and storms
Born of ancestors atlantean
Out of the fire and into the snow
Fighting on and on

Hunters from cimmerian mountains up north
Youth of the tribe of the snow hawks
Stalking the ironclad troops coming from aquilonia
Smashing their vanguard, now invaders crawl
Under the ruins of venarium´s walls
These are the visions of past lives I saw
Inside ancient mirriors
"Sick of thes sphere, in time and conflict old,
We yearn for wonders distant and untold"