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Confira a Letra Love Kills


Love Kills

Aboard the mothership
Strange flannel decor
Complimenting their four eyes
Chris cornell bobbleheads
They line the dashboard
Why is everybody looking at me?

When the wormhole takes you through
You'll meet the chosen one
Save him from the lying love
We'll bring you both back alive

Face down on the floor
Still breathing
No blood on the living room carpet
The footsteps above me
Tell me that there's someone else
In this house
Stay down
I said to kurt
I'll get this bitch
But first, could you sign this quick for my kid sis?
Now play dead
Cause I see courtney
Walking down the stairs
With a shotgun

Back on the mothership
Layne staley murals
Scattered throughout the cargo bay
Arriving solo
Grey points his finger
Why is everybody looking at me?

When the wormhole took you through
You met the chosen one
Now explain just how you failed
To bring the king back alive

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