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Confira a Letra Hell Machine

Die Kur

Hell Machine

I learned to recognize you
Thru' your wonder works
You try to sell
For something more than this
And the long wait
Lead me here just
When you always tried to persuade me
In doing not this
But i know that's part of your role
You always played this game
But never you won
Launch your lucky dice
And get your fucked chance.
This' only the beginning
And the rest you know
Machine engulfs you
When you will see
Way to get something back
From your soul
Machines will get ya
When you will see
The way to get something back
From your soul
Try again once
The rule it's easy
And you know the win
The green carpet is calling you
You have only to guess
Abstraction of what you can't touch
You can win / you can lose
Nothing's forever but what i want