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Confira a Letra State Of Seduction

Digital Daggers

State Of Seduction

Creating chaos just to prove we're alive
Demolition of a delicate kind
Midnight confessions keep on blurring the line
Say you're here on my side
Want you here on my side
You keep my heart under the cover of night
Could be the devil in a clever disguise
Temptation leads us, it's too late for goodbye
Say you're here on my side
Want you here on my side
Come undone with me

Diving into destruction
Come undone with me
In the state of seduction
Come undone with me

Twisting and turning all according to plan
Your secret's safe until there's blood on my hands
Push me away but we're still victims of chance
And we're here in the light
Now we're here in the light
We waged a war against the ghosts of the past
No one noticed they were under attack
We wanted freedom now there's no turning back
Cause we're here in the light
And I'm here on your side
Say you're staying til your last dying breath
I wanna love you til there s absolutely nothing
I wanna love you til there's absolutely nothing left

Come undone with me