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Confira a Letra The Agony Column

Digital Ruin

The Agony Column

In the middle of my room I sit and wonder why
These four walls are closing in on me
No one really understands this broken man
Who's fighting each day to have his say
And find some ground to stand

Looking back it's all misunderstood
Can you tell me if I'm truly dead

I'm feeling alone tonight, no one there to say
"There's power in you to seize the day"
I'm feeling alone tonight, no one left to say
"If you dwell in the past then there will you stay"

Standing in a lonely crowd
This broken man
Is trying to find some peace of mind
Before the column cracks



I've been lost for so long, waiting for this feeling to end



I'm trying to find a reason to move on
Some place away from here
Because I've been lost for so long