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Confira a Letra Room Full Of Eyes

The Dillinger Escape Plan

Room Full Of Eyes

And in the end I'm
Sure I'll know it's
My mistake
We're forsaken
I can't see anyway
This could be healthy to do
I guess I hoped we could find another way to just get through and sometimes I'm feelin' that
That I should find away out of this mess
I guess we'll make a way
This isn't healthy to do
I guess I hope we can find another way to just get through
This is none of your business
There is nowhere to hide
In a room so full of eyes
Until we die we're never satisfied
We'll lust for and feed the dissatisfaction of want and need
Oh yeah... Can I tell you a secreat
While your voice hung thick in the waves
You were mistaken if you thought I could behave
I was not afraid
But little honey I needed
I needed a reminder from you
There sure ain't nothin' like the sight of your fine skin
From across the room
Oh yeah this sure seems so familiar
The same feelings that I thought I had lost
We're only waiting to come in through another door at another cost
And why? Cause we reap what we sow and it's a difficult crop
But we keep cutting down yet it grows again
Still it grows again