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Confira a Letra Sunshine The Werewolf

The Dillinger Escape Plan

Sunshine The Werewolf

Cry your eyes bloodshot
While there's still time
'Cause soon-
It's gone,
And you'll be so shocked!

One queen-sized coffin
That was built for two
Is your death bed
It belongs to you

Tease me baby,
Please me
With the fresh disease
Hope riding on a bullet
Alive tonight,
You know we couldn't get it-

Come save your life tonight
You know we'll never get it-

Don't try to swim to shore
Because you can't go back

Say three words
Like they're the last you'll speak
Curtains drop
Appearances of heaven!

They'll be another just like you
You're not the only one
I'm not the only one

Watching the fallout
Fly back up
Walking where time stands still
See how this love

Love kills! (x3)

Curtains down
Appearances of heaven!

Without my existence
You are-

Without my affection-
You wilt! (x2)
We fucked like a nuclear war
Fuck off
See how I let you down
Fly back up!