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Confira a Letra Dying Embrace

Dimness Through Infinity

Dying Embrace

Some things are beyond the darkness
first I saw the crystal suns tailed
then the lunatic dreams
Wake me before I yearn for
dying memories trade by emptiness I leave...
Dancing wizard on the edge of doom
calls me for eternal suffering
In the last path of splendid gate
A charm for lonely die
You try to left the dark empires
and darkness you embrace
You' ve returned to reality
but soul's still there...
Now I'm on the circle of drowse images
sleepless Nymph embracing me
with its clammy hands
like a vernal feelings
But still I'm down in the dumps autumn
winds fallen from memory meaning of
divinity, trivial silence of my shapeless
soul glides through the lustful blue paths
Transfix the deepest earth and the reign of deception
dismal crying Oddity in the darkest sky
and ode to winds
"as the king of the winds..."
A silent weeper touches your soul
behind the sadness
You seem to hear the silence
of deadly moan...