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Confira a Letra Cityboy (with A Countryheart)

Dirk Blanchart

Cityboy (with A Countryheart)

Well I'm a cityboy
with a countryheart
My head is in the sky
my feet are on the ground
And you never ever find me, no,
where my horse don't wanna go
I know my way around
but it doesn't always show

I got a citylook
but a countrysound
My hand in the dirt
my mind underground
And I paid my dues that's why
I never pay for my drinks
Well, "never" is quite an exaggeration
Typical, a county thing
- like this

She said "Boy, what do you want ?"
and I said "Ma'm, well, I don't know yet,
I just landed in this big town,
guess I'm looking for some love"
And she said "Hey, if you mean pussy,
you gotta pay me upfront
I charge fifty for a cowboy
and a hundred for his horse"

And my mind may be dirty
but at least my fingernails are clean
I'm the cleanest motherfucker
this city has ever seen
I leave my gun at your doorstep
but not my horse, oh no siree !
And when I'm sleeping at the Waldorf
there is still country in my dreams

tekst en muziek: dirk Blanchart
(c) EMI Music Publishing Belgium