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Confira a Letra Lolita

come to me
in the summernight
come to me
let me be
your sweet loverman
let me be
your sattelite, I'm way up high
transmitting the news
I guess they better never hear
about the two of us
come to me
make me understand
the ashes that burn in my soul

let me sleep
in your shadowhouse
let me sleep
wherever you wanna go
& whatever you wanna do
I wanna be there
and do it with you
your tender flesh is waiting
for approval, a seal
for something to hold on to
when the daylight is near
sixty-three roads to paradise
may one of them
forever set you free

the sattelites are way up high
transmitting the news
and if you listen closely
I think they've got some news for you
let me be
your sweet loverman
you burn my soul
(oh yes you do)

tekst en muziek: dirk Blanchart
(c) BMG Universal Songs / EMI Music Publishing Belgium