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Confira a Letra Side by Side

Dirty Trashroad

Side by Side

Why didn't you call on me, baby,
When time stopped on you?
Tight together till the end of time,
Guess i was the only one
Left all alone in the wilderness. i feel so alone.
Oh... don't ever say goodbye, won't tie you down.
Ain't turnin' back no more, ain't turnin' back no more.

Man in rage, shy and serious
Tryin' to act like a lone ranger.
Hurt so bad, he crossed the borderline.
What's on his mind, nothing in his way,
He's out of danger now.
Feels so small, he feels so helpless, he can't shine.

Side by side baby
One sweet dream, we all got it (i love it)
Side by side baby
Any way you want it, scream.
Side by side baby
Just a sweet dream, baby. (it's so easy, girl)
Side by side baby
Sha-na-na-na-na, so sweet.

Rocky mountains, they taught me
'bout the sunset windin' road.
One long road ahead now, over the mirage.
Ain't that enough to satisfy you,
Don't need to carry that load
Live your own, own story, gotta wear your own,
Own badge.

[repeat *]

Gotta write your own dream, no one's gonna do it,
You just gotta do it.
Right or wrong, jet black or white,
You're free to choose.
Your choice of heaven or hell. go ahead.
You gotta be ready to go down, down, down...

'hey baby, it's now or never... so take it or leave it, heaven or hell.'

Fight the headwind, hesitation.
Gonna fight it with my fist.
Gonna win, gonna win it on my own.
Change the world, you can do it,
Just keep it on your list.
I'll be here, i'll be here for you 'til you're ready to go.

[repeat * 2x]

Gotta be ready, you gotta be ready
You got to go!

Leave your past dreams behind.
Mother earth'll see you through.
Though we're far apart, our time will come,
Our time'll come again.
You'll always find me here.
You'll always find me here.
I'm always here for you.