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Confira a Letra Duel Beast

Dirty Trashroad

Duel Beast

Torn from chains that tied him,
Tied him to mother earth,
Bolts break open doors to let the monster free.
Lead balls, screams of fear now fill
The air for what it's worth.
Never look him down with a key.

A bullet hiss through the grey skies,
The darkest skies.
Go get the hunter, he broke through barbed wires.
Lay an eternal seal on alcatraz.
In the name of, in the name of,
In the name of justice
Go shoot him down!

Power and money buy juries.
Doubts cloud the judgement day.
The sentence disappears into the shadows.
Church bells are sounds of bullets,
Bullet hisses in the air.
Millions of people are groanin'.

Cities of people tied down, they're crucified
Nailed on the cross, tied on the crucifix
People in agony, they are sacrificed
In the name , in the name of
In the name of christ
Left, left for dead!

'duel beast lives in the people,
Where they live it lives.
As long as we are, it is. as far as we go, it goes.'

Spirit, spirit, spirit, spirit
Ah... into the promised land
Prayin' hands down on their knees,
They pulled the trigger.
Violence and force make them kiss the ground.
In the name of, in the name of,
In the name of god
Lookin' for death!

Duel beast is shallow
Duel beast is mellow
Duel beast is hollow
Duel beast is here now