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Confira a Letra Demanding Attention

Disfigured Corpse

Demanding Attention

Always thinking about the underground
Always thinking about way to the top
These humans features pushing us ahed
Our music is in what we´re living for

Demanding Attention

Some of you say: „they don´t care"
Doesn´t matter if you´ve been there
Take chance and spread your wings
Nothing´s for free, you´ll see
At least fifteen years pushing our engine to your ears
Stay trully in what you do, to the posers big fuck you!

Demanding Attention

Where is my clean dressing room?
Can´t lend you my guitar
I´m not the common fool

I want see myself on big mega-posters
Crushing your egoes you mega-posers

Can´t hear that stupid bands…
Come on the prime time - listen full set

I want see myself on big mega-posters
Come crushing, you´ve become a poser