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Confira a Letra Hezbollah

Disharmony (Chl)


The war in the day
Battle in the night
One people under fire
Many building in ruins

All the cities in agony
One land is profaned
Centuries of holy war
With years of suffering


Anti-Jewish Army
The Palestine State
Suicide Army!

The Mossad watch them
Tanks crushing the lifes
Jewish army kill them
Planes bombing their homes

They want, take the lands
Under torture and affliction
Killing in the name of Yahve
1,033 never leave their home

Fighting against Israel
Defending their born land
The women and children
Are so brave like men

One faith try, smash other
The Palestine's blood wait
Eye for an eye claim, brother
They kill Jewish until end

Taking off the troop's boot
Fighting for a place to live
This people never surrender
Before power the David's star

Sacrificating their life and soul
For the land, what belong them
Send the fucking Jewish to the hell!