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Confira a Letra Davaj, Avariya! (inglês)

Diskoteka Avariya

Davaj, Avariya! (inglês)

Boom boom in your head, shroud before your eyes
These long sleepless nights
Solid rhythm crossing your body
But I've asked for what I'm doing now
Late to bed and early up
Let's dance: it's not even twelve yet!
There's no reason to avoid the party
No will to wander in town
Night, day, all blending in
Shirt's too much here, it's coming off!
Let my heart be open,
So that it can feel the rhythm
Let the speaker vibe my soul
That pulsation adds me strength
Time to leave will come at morning only
So come on, move your legs
Fly your arms above your head
Don't stand there thinking, help me out!

Come on, Avariya! Yeaaah!
Come on, Avariya! Come on Avariya!

Nobody said we could go deaf or blind here
On the contrary, they're all so healthy
Tall and strong here
They try, they demand
Ones want stylish, others recent, oldies
More rhythms: trendy, odds
Under the pressure of chords: equal, broken
We're all equal, dancing
About time to
Place your body perpendicular to ground
Step right, step left, back and forward
Step on one spot if you don't like it
And struggle again from Saturday to Friday
Start; take off, night on the crossing
With you are all, that were in the crash
Help out the pilot on that take-off strip
I'm flying, dance floor got too small for me
Although it used to be plenty enough
Don't stand there thinking, help me out!