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Confira a Letra Apocalypse Of The Damned

Dissenter (Pol)

Apocalypse Of The Damned

With overgrown moss faces
Wry in grotesque smile
Conscious newcomers from confusion
Traped in iron of sadists

Carrying in gift pain and fear
Death unveiling in the twinkling of an eye
Three forgotten masters
From three different sides of world

Sewed up eyelids on the face of Christ
Look on armies of the privileged
Settled on heavy wings
Of cruel blacks

Bloody madness of cutted throats
Absurdity of dying without shadow
Of consciousness
In abyss of degradation
Creatures have borned

With appetite on the neverending
Apocalypse of the damned

Only guilty of mistake
Cruel rulers of toys which create feelings
Madness of one king creates demons
Immortal jealousy of vindictive gods

To hear singing of fallen ANGEL
Dance of faithfuls on gallows
In day of marriage of darkness
Swelling pregnant shadows.