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Confira a Letra Death's Arena

Dissenter (Pol)

Death's Arena

Skeleton horse runs by meadow of flames
With Sword In Hand,Justice Is Blind
Sound of cemetery-bell twists her face
In snare of hypocrisy got tangled man

Withered secrets of yesterday divinities
Wander around among unborn
Epitaph of history
Begins fate.

Demonic scream from deadly pyre
Burn! Stronger! My Mercyful Fire!
Without excitement,
Without regard on cost

Let Rise Our Cross

Old world
Faithful to pagan gods
Suicide hung on piece of wood

Surprised Faces

Grimace of satisfaction
Blind looks in darkness hidden
On tendons stretched hypocrites

Show Ends With Death

I go after hung veins
Juggling with dreams
And conglomerate of bone
Singing of fallen birds
Rotating over and over again

Gods Look

From Bloody Thrones