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Confira a Letra Revenge

I can see an angel flying on earth

it seems like black clouds;

this nest is called planet

We are fucking chicks without feathered wings;

the great eagle will eat us if sun shows a cleft

So much time for revenge, now answer me;

what s your fucking job, now eat me, eat me,

My strong weakness is honey for your sane tooth…

I want death for the nun's throne;

kiss me, one more tear, rumours, now hit me, hit me…

saliva, blood and fucking desperate groaning too

I want to be at home here there's a business of cross…

I want to be at home here a child is licking my fucking doll

In this ruin of black poison jabs…

only one sees a few diamonds card that stand…

mankind, mankind don't lose next game…

fleas between your balls, choose your voice, don't choose the church

I said drugged are clergy nuns were my first…

nightmare; their stupid world was a clot…

I was fucking clemency my eyes saw gurgles of child trimmings

The beast garment again spits all her shit to me;

fuck you..

I wanna scream at you more.. fuck you!

I want pain

Death for us, death for you…flocks that preach…

Show respect for me; don't feel the beast