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Confira a Letra Acid Of Base

Distortion Choice

Acid Of Base

I can see
Peace and killing keenness - fingers that touch gibbet children
That dream heroes mothers that spit out seeds
Drink from the vein - thereʼs a very bad pain
Toxic easy choice - look at guns and bang bang
This day is a good day - kill the brave - wear his ghost
Ride a crone - than join me - I need a praise
Listen to the drilling
Listen to the drumstick
Listen to the portly - bomb, scaring every raw skin
Listen to the moment advising with my great brain
Listen to the merry - making trust forgive me
Brothers, sisters are paralyzed with fear - chairs have gags and some wire it s your fault…
Brothers…Sisters eat a moth
Youʼre my threat my philosophy
Petty disposability I need the knell - the end of monopolist
Melt down his child
Goddamned Iʼll pestle- fuck him
This phoney stitch is between your ribs Is not an annoying hurt
Heart is on my dried lips
Kiss her lips stoke her feet
Her ass hole is like a big drip
Close her mouth
Stop to shout
This is the funny fib
I knew that was funny fib I
knew that was funny fob

Silly: whatʼs coming here?