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Confira a Letra Departure From The Flesh

Divine Codex

Departure From The Flesh

The dying body comes back to life, as the mysterious force is summoned... Is summoned...

Thus the stellar catharsis ends and the ancestral essences manifests
Darkness descends... Darkness descends... Perceptions fail

As a shapeless reality appears under the layers of conscience

Drawing energy from isolation, from the departure of material dimensions
The essence becomes a thousand times brighter

As a lone star in a lifeless system

Thus a voice from the abyss brings a glimpse of infinity

Denying the boundaries of the mind before casting the body into a perpetual neural obliteration
Then, as the journey ends, the struggle leaves a permanent mark that only the bearer can recognize

As he approaches the battlefield again

When infinity and nothingness collide, when the flames dance in the eye of the storm
Eternity is just a moment in the boundless dark