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Confira a Letra Killing Time


Killing Time

One more life
To see
This ceautiful sky
Before she comes
Crashing down on you
What would you give
For one more life
Just to live

If you had the chance
To start again at zero
Would you be the same
And could you resist the temptation
Or would you
Live it as bad as you can

One more life
Just to see
This beautiful sky
Is what you need, but she'll come
Crashing down on you
What could you give
For one more life
Just to live, but you say...

Living day by day
Who cares about tomorrow
Life is too short to pray
relax now, it's only emotion
Keep cool now,
'Cos when it's time to go, you'll know

Killing tie
These walls are closing in on you
Killing time...