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Confira a Letra Another Day

Down And Above

Another Day

We're driving home to see the damage that's been done
The corners turn me sick
The house is empty but it's full of all that was
The clock you left in tick

We're talking over, talking over the control
But I don't want it now, I just wan't the impossible
I wish I could find the words to five you

My mind is telling me that all is made anew,
But I can't get my thoughts
To wrap around this shell of you

Take it away from me
All I ever wanted was another day
Taken away
Choked on the words I have to say

Compressing time to pack a life into a day
Like packin' ashes into plastic
The best we can to put this love out on display
Still we can do half of justice

I'll pay a tribute with a shound that you would choose
Sung a cappella

I Think that I could find the wordsa to give you life