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Confira a Letra Breakdown On Interstate 80

Down And Above

Breakdown On Interstate 80

On a hot and sticky stretch of interstate 80
In the summer of 2005
Me and the boys and a van full of toys
Killing time to keep the dream alive!
Drinking up the beauty of the iowa freeway
Flat farms as far as the eye can see
We were all a little bored and a little more behind
So we pushed the van harder and cranked the ac!

Last night we played gabe's down in iowa city
A waste of a 4-hour drive
A touring bill of the "twin cities' finest"
Played for a roomfull of five
Tonight will be better, such beautiful weather
Just 200 more miles to go
When under the hood something's up to no good
Watch as our hopes pour onto the road!

Maybe we can find a song
Where we all can sing along
Echoes in a song let the voices carry on

We've paid our dues
Now it's time to collect call AAA for a tow
A couple hours later we're hitched to the trailer
Off to nebraska we roll

Sitting and waiting and swimming in heat
Sharing the ditch with the ticks and the fleas
If i'd taken shop we'd be back on our feet
But we opted for choir instead
Now our hope for tonight's show is dead!

We can find a song
Where we all can sing along
Echoes in a song let the voices carry on
We can find a song
Where we all can sing along
This will carry on when the days have come and gone
This will carry on
This will carry on

The tour's passed us by and the bottom's fallen out
We're left with a wreck and a pile of doubt
With nothing but debt left and no van to drive
We'll do our best to survive

Storm sirens sounding
The kick drum is pounding
The crowd drowning out all the noise
The ringing of ears from a trail of tears
It's good to be back with the boys!
Said: it's good to be back with the boys!
Good to be back with the boys!