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Confira a Letra Last Summer's Nightmare

Down And Above

Last Summer's Nightmare

Like a lover on a landmine
Move a muscle at your risk
With a bitter invitation
Never thought it would taste like this
And I wash it down with an insult
Won't be long until June
Pack it up and move it away
Won't be coming back to you

No matter what you say love
No matter what you do

Crack a plastic smile
And I'll cut you with my daydream
Last summer all over
Gorgeous on the surface
Underneath it's the same thing
Last summer's nightmare

Take a sugar pill and lie here
Cause what else can I do
All the better leave me thinking
All I ever did was love you
But I look away from the illusion
Staring at me open, ripe, and in bloom
Dig it up and wash it away
Won't be coming back to you

Leave me in the heat
Skin burning through the sunscreen
Last summer all over
Peeling back the damage
That covered up the feeling
Last summer's nightmare
Last summer all over

Seventeen in my mouth
Just to pin her down

You've said it all before
And now your words have no meaning
Last summer all over
And if the second time's a dream
Then why does it seem like
Last summer's nightmare